Why travel with us?

Praising our professionalism to convince clients is very simple and it is not very difficult to say, we are a specialist. For us, the prestige depends on the estimations of clients. Our developpement is totally conditioned by the satisfaction of the travelers. Our best marketing way is the talk of clients. Howerver, when you believe in us in organizing your trip, firstly, you will be sure of belows:

1. Liberty
We are aware that the decision to travel outbound is not an easy decision and that a long trip of this type begins wellbefore you put your steps in the airplane. The consultants of Quy Nhon Haven Torus with their perfect knowledge will therefore exchange information with you to construct your own itinerary. We will help you to look for your ultimate Asian trip.

2. Flexibility
If you decide to construct a private program, with us, you will have more flexibility. You are interested in a beautiful place and you want to have some more hours there! Or you want to sleep an hour more to reinforce yourself! That is your decision and we respect. Our tour-guides and our logistical persons in charge have the obligation to help you to travel in your own manner.

3. Security
First of all, this is the security of the transactions. Our general conditions of sale were elaborated in a clear and precise way in order to allow the travelers to understand perfectly the rights and obligations. We do the best to guarantee the payments in the best conditions of security. Then, the security of the trip: Vietnam is a calm, peaceful and sure country. Nevertheless, we never accept organizing the tours in zones where we can not anticipate the risks, even if this refusal disappoints our potential clients. Whatever the circumstances, it is necessary that our clients travel without small worries.

4. Rapidity
We do not allow ourselves to put our clients in wait. Quy Nhon Haven Tours pledge to response of all the clients questions in time and resolve as soon as possible the occurred incidents.

5. Balanced Travel
For us, a good trip is realized on the basic of a good balance quality and price. Thus, our price is not clearly lower than our competitors but it is surely reasonable.
A balanced trip is also the moments of visit and of rest that must alternate logically, for the trip is not a race.

6. Informed Travel
With your agreement, you will receive the documents before, during and after your trip in order to furnish you all information about your destinations. This information will help you to discover in depth our country and to keep image of him after your trip.

7. Variety of tours
From discovery tours to adventure tour, and then thematic tours (cultural, religious, charities…) and the beach welness tours, byke tours, vespa scooter tours, we pledge to diversify always our products in order to satisfy our clients.

8. Services of a passionated team
The passion for tourism and the craving to introduce his beautiful country to the foreigners are our two first criteria of recruitment.
Our team works therefore not only for commercial objectives but also and especially with a cultural vocation.