Welcome all of friends from over the world who are looking for an interesting trip.

Where will you go and where will you stay with? How about expenses for the trip?
Each destination will leave to you a strong impression.

“The land just is place where we travel
But it has soul when we leave”

Let Quy Nhon Haven Tours help you to find your piece of pardise

We are three ladies have got enthusiastic with our job. We have over than 10 years experience in the tourism for Ibus group from Netherland (2003-2012) and Minor Group from Thailand to end of 2013.

The special thing that we’d met and worked here close to other with a "heart" of the tourism industry. We need to develop of sustainably tourist base on the “the trust“and “faithfulness”

Why travel with us?

Praising our professionalism to convince clients is very simple and it is not very difficult to say, we are a specialist. For us, the prestige depends on the estimations of clients. Our developpement is totally conditioned by the satisfaction of the travelers. Our best marketing way is the talk of clients. Howerver, when you believe in us in organizing your trip, firstly, you will be sure of belows

  • Liberty

  • Flexibility

  • Security

  • Rapidity

  • Balanced Travel

  • Informed Travel

  • Variety of tours

  • Services of a passionated team