Tay Son – Binh Đinh is masterpiece supernatural land region

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An interesting tour starting from led you to Tay Son province far 45km from Quy Nhon city, where you will enjoy a lovely day trip.

Tay Son is the homeland of national hero Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue, was one of three brothers who led Tay Son Insurrection. In 1978 he led his troops defeated the Xiem invaders at Rach Gam, Xoai Mut in the South in 1783. And in 1788 they defeated 290.000 Qing invaders. It just took 35 days to reach Ha Noi. He declared himself Emperor Quang Trung in the same year. On visiting Quang Trung museum enjoy for wardrum and Vo Tay Son demonstrations, a traditional martial arts of Binh Dinh. Now a day Binh Dinh have “Binh Dinh international martial arts Festival” on August every two years. It has attracted many masters of martial arts from over the world…It look like a fact-finding trip when you contact and learn something a bout basic of matial arts at some of martial arts club.

Tay Son Palace

Vestige worshiping Tay Son worshipping the three brothers, where the people keep preserving their pride, respect and faith to the three brothers of Tay Son. Tay Son palace is small, but incere looking.

In front of the yard is Three Officials and the next is the stellar recording results of Quang Trung Nguyen Hue movements. The main room of the palace comprises three sections, the middle worshiping Quang Trung-Nguyen Hue, the left one worshipping Nguyen Nhac and the right one worshipping the third brother Nguyen Lu. The palace was built on the house floor of the three leaders Tay Son and also the place worshipping their parents. The parents rose up in arms and became the pre-eminent leaders of farmers and the nation at the end of the 18th century. Nowadays there are two precious vestages as the ancient tamarind tree and old well, which were told to exist during their time.

The Tamarind tree is more than 200 years old.Told to be planted by the three brothers.

The tree has large branches shading the garden and the root has a perimeter of 3.5 meters. The tamarind becomes a folk-memory shown in a familiar and historical song. The well on the right of the palace is made of Laterite, the perimeter of 0.9m and a height of 0.8m. Until now the well water is still fresh and cool like before when it fed and brought up the spirit and will of the three brothers Tay Son.

The museum preserves the tree and well and the museum comprises of 9 rooms displaying memorial items of the Tay Son movement and the King Quang Trung (1771- 1789)


Keep going to the tour that is Ham Ho tourist spot is a downstream part of the Kut River in Tay Son, Binh Dinh, and located 55km NW of Quy Nhon City. This part of the Kut River is only 1km, but is a lush green all year long with cool streaming waters. Along the river banks are a dense forest mixed with high cliffs, dotted by a number of marble outcroppings with varied strange shapes. The name originated from a unique phenomenon that occurs here in the dry season river section going through old forests with many big stones. Ham Ho is famous for a variety of fish, particularly during floodseason. Fish swimming in opposite flowers are blown up by waterfalls and come back like flying fish. It is told that every year the Water King holds an examination for fish in Ham Ho. Fish that pass the examination will turn into a dragon. Alongside is the Thanh Mountain…